Saturday, 16 September 2017

Taxodium From Seed

Taxodium From Seed.


Soak for 48 hours in warm water - restores some of the lost moisture content and prepares seed for stratification.


12 weeks at 4 Deg C - place seed, either sown in pots or in moss in bags in the fridge (not freezer) for at least 12 weeks.  This tree may need repeated treatments to break dormancy.


Just below the surface of a soil based compost, water and seal in a bag.  Germinate either in a cold frame or some where that the temperatures are not excessively hot or cold.  Highs in the day of 18 Deg C and lows at night of 5 or 6 Deg C.

Germination may be erratic, but if the dormancy is broken, they will all germinate in one season.


Transplant singly to pots when large enough to handle.  Try to disturb roots as little as possible especially in later transplants.  Pot on till desired size is reached or until ready to be planted out for specimen use.

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