Sunday, 24 September 2017

Succulents From Seed - General Instructions

Growing General Succulents from Seed

This set of instructions covers all of the succulent plants for which I do not provide a specific set of instructions. This is because, in general, they all require the same handling.

Sow the seeds on the surface of a mix made up of 1 part potting compost and 1 part coarse sand. Press any larger seeds into the surface, so as to assist the take up of water to trigger germination. The surface may have a light sprinkling of coarse grit or vermiculite so as to give the emergent seedlings some purchase (although I tend to do this after germination, so as to anchor the seedlings).

Water once, adding a fungicide to the water as a precaution (copper based or Chinosol) and then seal in a plastic bag. Do not exclude light. Place somewhere warm (22 – 30 Deg C), a propagator is ideal.

Germination given ideal conditions as listed above should take 5 – 21 days, perhaps a little longer, it will depend on type. Those potentially taking longer are picked out in red in the list at the foot of these instructions.

Once they have germinated open the bag to admit some fresh air and then seal it again. Grow on for a few days in bright (not full sunlight) conditions. Fast growing seedlings should be potted on quickly to avoid any growth check. The slower growing ones may stay in this pot for up to a year. Pot on into a gritty mixture whatever the type and water carefully at all times.

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