Saturday, 16 September 2017

Growing Baobab Seeds from Seed

Baobab Seeds

Generally these seeds need no pre-treatment, other than to clean the flesh off of the seeds – which has been done for you.

Sow the seeds in a moist, good quality compost and seal in a polythene bag or place in a propagator. Keep them in a light place at a temperature of 18 – 28 Deg C.
The seeds can be slow and erratic in germination, although this may begin after as little as 10
– 14 days.  Once true leaves have been produced, the seedlings can be potted up into deep pots. The use of deep pots is important as the seedlings quickly develop a partially buried caudex and a long tap root.

Initial growth is fast, although subsequently this will slow down.
Keep warm throughout the year as the plants will not tolerate frost.  Restricting the pot size and growing lean and mean (little fertiliser and water only when dry)  will produce a natural Bonsai.
Important note:  Baobab seed will remain viable for as long as 10 years, however, the fresher the seed when sown, the faster the germination will occur.  This seed is from the latest harvest and it would be best if it were sown within the next 2 years as this will ensure the best possible germination speed.

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