Saturday, 16 September 2017

Passiflora From Seed

Growing Passionflowers From Seed.


Scarify mechanically or with very hot water.
We recommend the mechanical method, although the hot water method also works.  Rub the seeds on fine grade sandpaper or an emery board.  The aim is to damage the seed coat to allow water to enter.  After damaging the seed coat, soak in warm water for 12 hours and then rinse the seeds thoroughly before sowing.


Sow in a good quality seed compost and barely cover.  P. incarnata should be stratified for 4 weeks in a fridge at 4 Deg C.  For all others maintain a temperature of 20 - 30 Deg C (bring incarnata into 20 Deg C after the 4 weeks cool). Ensure the compost remains moist, not wet and seal in a plastic bag or place in a propagator.  Germination will take 4 - 16 weeks under ideal conditions.

Growing on.

Pot up individually when large enough to handle and then into larger pots as required.  P incarnata needs a sheltered spot outside and can be planted out in the 2nd summer.  Restrict the roots of all of the species in order to gain flowers (the plant will produce leaf if given too much room to develop roots)

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