Sunday, 24 September 2017

Handling Small Seeds

How to handle small seeds.

Small seeds can be a problem for most of us, especially when they are hard to see in order to sow them evenly or treat them prior to sowing.

Where the seeds need no treatment our options are easier as there is a very simple trick to get the seeds out of the pack and onto the sowing medium.

Take a pinch of very dry silver sand (any fine sand will do as long as it is river sand and not from a beach). Add this to the pack of seeds and agitate, this should result in a mix of seeds and fine sand.  Sow this mix onto the surface of the sowing mix and then mist spray to water.  After this treat as normal and hopefully the seeds will have been dispersed evenly over the mix.

Where the seeds need treating before sowing, then it may be advisable to to put this mix into a paper towel soaked in the treatment solution (be that plain water or a solution of Salt Petre).  Once the required soaking time is up you can scrape the mix onto the surface of the sowing media (it must not be allowed to dry out in the meantime).

These instructions refer to the following seeds that we supply:

Aloinopsis, Blossfeldia, Conophytum, Delosperma, Faucaria, Fenestraria, Ficus*, Frithia, Graptopetalum, Lithops, Lobelia, Mimulus, Piper*, Strombocactus, Tibouchina

(Those marked * require treating to get the best from them)

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