Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Trumpet Creepers From Seed

Growing Jacaranda and Relatives from Seed

These instructions cover all members of the Trumpet Creeper family, a diverse family of plants with showy flowers, flat seeds and hard seed pods.

Sow the seeds on the top of a good quality compost and water (spraying is best) with a dilute fungicide solution (Chinosol or a copper based compound).  Flat seeds should be sown on the flat side down and the larger seeds just pressed in to the compost.  Seal in a plastic bag and place somewhere warm and light (20 – 30 Deg C).

Germination given ideal conditions as listed above should take 5 – 21 days for the tropical types and 7 - 42 days for the temperate types

Once the first true leaves appear (these are feathery – rather like Mimosa) they can be potted on and grown in cooler, airier conditions.

After about a year the plants should be about 30 – 40 cm tall, after this growth may slow down.

Once mature, the plants are deciduous in cooler conditions.  The flowers are produced in spring before the leaves (or if evergreen before any new leaves appear) and are followed by hard seed pods.

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