Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 News

Happy New Year 2018

Highwire Store

From February 2018, our online store (Highwire) will cease to exist as our commerce partner will no longer support the platform.  This will leave our only outlet (for now) as eBay. As this was the location we stored our instructions, we are in the process of moving them all to this location.

Online Instructions

With the demise of our online store, where we used to keep the electronic versions of our instructions, we are now listing them all here.  Once I work out how to permamently link them to pages, that will be our preferred method, until then they will be added as posts to this blog.  Not ideal but they will remain available and the Google platform seemed to be the best way to cope with this issue.  Over the next month all the instructions previously stored on Highwire, will be moved here.  Hopefully with the greater bandwidth and flexibility provided here, we will be able to include pictures and some step by step diagrams of the processes involved.


I am trying to 'Tag' the instruction posts with the Genus and popular common names that they are known by.  As an example I have added the tags Ensete, Musa and Musella, as well as Banana to the Banana instruction page. If you cannot find the page you require, please contact me or leave a comment on this page so that I can either point you to the right post or upload the instructions you require.

Ebay Sales

Our eBay sales will continue and we are pleased to continue our discount offers for volume purchases of our seeds.

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